Rockin’ the Appalachian vote in 2020

This year’s elections process is proving to be unprecedented, as officials work to ensure every vote counts while keeping people safe during the Covid pandemic. Each state is setting different deadlines and requirements — and it can all seem confusing.

Remember, there is no one right way to vote — you can vote early, on Election Day, or, in many states, by mail. What’s important is that you make a plan, soon, for how you will register (if you’re not already registered), and for what method you’ll use to cast your vote.

Voting is underway in many states:

October 29: Early in-person voting ends in Tennessee

October 31: Early in-person voting ends in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia

November 2: Early in-person voting ends in Kentucky

November 3: Election Day!

Voter information by state

Find out more details, including how to track your mail-in ballot and other important information for your state: