Tell your senator: Support the Fair Energy Bills Act!

Since 2015, Dominion Energy has overcharged their Virginia customers more than $1.3 billion. Delegates Jay Jones (D) and Lee Ware (R) have introduced a bipartisan bill that restores the authority of state regulators to order refunds for Dominion’s electricity customers and set fair rates going forward.

The Fair Energy Bills Act empowers the State Corporation Commission to examine Dominion’s earnings, set its allowed profit level, and direct the monopoly to lower rates and issue refunds if it overcharges customers. The commission has found that the bill would save Virginia families and businesses up to $10 a month on their electric bills

The House passed this critical bill 77-23 with strong bipartisan support. Now the Senate must act to address Virginia’s skyrocketing energy bills.

Tell your senator to vote YES on HB 1132!

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