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A publication of Appalachian Voices

April/May 2019

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April/May 2019

Appalachia’s incredible caves offer unusual adventures and provide shelter to rare, unique creatures. Below, read about some of our region’s underground inhabitants, and find your own cave to explore.

We also cover advances in solar power in Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, along with articles on community broadband and Central Appalachia’s changing economy. And check out our recurring columns to learn about permaculture ponds, discover an old-growth forest hike in Kentucky’s Harlan County and catch up on energy news.

woman in cave

Appalachia Underground

Discover the wonders of Appalachia’s subterranean landscape and read about a multi-year effort to save North Carolina’s sole known population of endangered Virginia big-eared bats.

A man stands with solar panels

A Brighter Economy for Appalachia

Explore stories from the frontlines of our region’s economic transition and learn about exciting solar projects taking root in Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky.



This Green House

This Green House

Permaculture Ponds

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