August/September 2014

Growing Sustainable Students

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Most people have probably never heard of selenium, but for coal operators and fish it's a big deal. Appalachian Voices' water quality expert takes a moment to explain the issues surrounding this mineral -- necessary in small amounts but toxic to aquatic life even at very low levels -- and the EPA's controversial attempts to regulate it.

Seeding Dreams with Self-Esteem

Through educational advancement and hands-on training, two programs strive to build new opportunities for girls and women in rural Appalachia.

Exploring Mountain Bogs

Although mountain bogs represent less than one percent of the southern Appalachian landscape, they are pockets of immense ecological and practical importance and provide a haven for many rare plants and animals.

Full Disclosure?

As North Carolina considers its first natural gas drilling rules, a survey of the region shows how states are — and aren’t — regulating fracking.

Study Shows Steep Decline in Fish Populations Near Mountaintop Removal

A study from researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey published in July provides strong new evidence that mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia is devastating downstream fish populations.


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