Tell NCDEQ to reject the dangerous and unneeded MVP Southgate pipeline!

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) has already destroyed woodlands, seized private property and violated commonsense water protections over 300 times in West Virginia and Virginia. Despite this horrible track record, the companies building the MVP now want to bring their dangerous fracked gas pipeline into North Carolina.

The MVP Southgate Project cannot demonstrate how this pipeline is needed or how it will serve the public, and the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has already brought the public necessity of this project into question on multiple occasions.

“At this time the department remains unconvinced that the project satisfies the criteria for the commission to deem it in the public interest, and whether it is essential to ensure future growth and prosperity for North Carolinians,” Sheila Holman, assistant secretary for the environment at the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, wrote to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Help us ask the N.C. DEQ to deny the State Certification of Water Quality for the MVP Southgate Project.

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