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Appalachian Coal Losing Another Customer: Eastern Kentucky as a Case Study

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Paradise Fossil Plant sits on the banks of western Kentucky’s Green River. The largest coal plant in the state, Paradise consumes approximately 7.3 million tons per year — none of which comes from Central Appalachian coal


Appalachian Coal Losing Another Customer: High Prices Push Utilities to Competing Reserves

We posted a piece yesterday about the retirement plans for Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts – the most modern coal-fired power plant in New England – and how some are calling its eventual closure a death knell for coal


Appalachian Coal Losing Another Customer: New England’s Largest Coal Plant to Close

The Brayton Point Power Station, a 1,600-megawatt power plant in Massachusetts and New England’s largest coal-burning facility, has been in operation for nearly 50 years. But recently it started to seem like no one wanted to be responsible for the


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