Wildflower Wonders

appalachian grass of parnassus

Wildflowers are one of Appalachia’s most vibrant symbols of summer. As the season’s end nears, we explore a few beautiful, unique flowers that blossom in late summer along mountain trails, forests and riverbeds.

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Communities Aim to Solve the Opioid Epidemic


Opioid abuse is on the rise across America, and Appalachia has been hit particularly hard. In response, some local governments and treatment centers are trying new treatment methods, with varying degrees of success. Efforts are also underway to curb the availability of opioid prescriptions and eliminate the stigma associated with addiction.

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Appalachian Access to Affordable Healthcare

health clinic workers

Changes in federal health policy could leave even more residents without adequate access to healthcare — and increase the number of patients who rely on nonprofit safety net clinics. In Southwest Virginia, the grassroots group We Care aims to create more dialogue between the public and legislators about the healthcare system.

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