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The Appalachian Mountains are known worldwide for their natural beauty and unique regional culture. As the oldest mountain range in North America, its sacred beauty and biologically diverse ecosystems deserve to be protected.

Unfortunately, the extraordinary ridges and valleys have been devastated by the once-dominant coal industry. Although coal is declining, the region’s abundant natural resources continue to be exploited and remain threatened by dirty energy practices today.

Appalachian Voices is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting central and southern Appalachia. We are committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels for energy production and advancing the transition to clean energy with equitable local economies.

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Founded in 1997, Appalachian Voices works to shift our region from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. We do this by fighting mountaintop removal coal mining and fracked gas pipelines, and working with communities in coal mining regions to build a new economy that protects Appalachia’s mountains, forests and rivers for all.

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