Tell the US Senate to support coal-impacted communities!

Responding to the dire need for economic support caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, federal lawmakers have taken the first step to clean up and re-utilize abandoned coal mine lands across the nation. The House of Representatives has passed the RECLAIM Act and Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Fee Reauthorization as a part of the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2). But don’t celebrate just yet — We still need the U.S. Senate to pass these two proposals!

Help support increased funding for hazardous land clean-up, job creation and economic development in the coalfields by telling your senators to support the RECLAIM Act and AML Reauthorization now!

The RECLAIM Act would provide $1 billion to clean up abandoned mine lands affecting the health and safety of communities across the country. With the support of both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, not only will the RECLAIM Act improve the land, it will immediately jump-start job creation and create long-term, locally driven economic development opportunities in Appalachia and struggling coal communities across the country.

AML Reauthorization is needed to continue the per-ton fee charged on coal production to fund the clean-up of abandoned coal sites where coal companies weren’t required to remediate the environmental and health hazards they left behind. According to the Office of Surface Mining Control and Reclamation, there is more than $9.7 billion in remaining abandoned mine costs, and only $2.3 billion left in the AML fund. Congress must act to reauthorize the fee to ensure all of these sites are cleaned up.

Both of these important provisions are included in the Moving Forward Act, a broad bill to rebuild America’s infrastructure.

If you want to see the benefits of RECLAIM and the AML cleanup fund in coal-impacted communities across the U.S., take action now! Tell your Senators that you want them to fight for community and economic development in impacted communities.

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