Protected: Duke Energy Wants You To Take a (Rate) Hike!

Public Hearings

Anyway you look at it, coal-fired electricity is expensive. We pay for coal with mountains flattened by mountaintop removal mining, with water polluted with mercury, and air polluted by ozone. In other words, we pay for coal with the health of our communities.

Now Duke Energy wants to raise our rates by a staggering 17% - even though Duke Energy’s profits went up by 23% in 2010.

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers may talk a good talk when it comes to promoting renewable energy and being less reliant on coal, but it’s obvious it’s just “greenwash”.

Instead of making investments in energy efficiency, which are more cost-effective and do not come with a negative public health benefits, Duke wants to keep us locked into our dependence on dirty energy.


Working with a broad coalition of social, economic and environmental justice groups, we are opposing this rate hike, but we can’t do it without you!

Make your voice heard! Email the Utilities Commission today and/or attend one of several public hearings being held across the state.