January 13, 2018

Get to know the Energy Savings team and what drives our work

There are a lot of reasons why our team members care about the work we do to promote affordable energy efficiency financing and empower members of rural electric cooperatives. We see the impact these solutions can have on climate change, rural economies, community health and more! Learn what drives each of us to keep fighting.

Upgrade your home without breaking the bank

When Christian Lannie decided to buy an efficient heating system for his home in Laurel Springs, N.C., he turned to his electric provider instead of his bank to finance it. Lannie took advantage of the Energy SAVER Loan program offered by his electric cooperative, Blue Ridge Energy, to avoid the high, upfront costs of a new heat pump. Find out more about the program and why it worked for him.

SOCM members are energized by efficiency

As the only organization of its kind in Tennessee, SOCM (Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment) plays a large role in empowering people across the state to take action on social and environmental issues. With the support of Appalachian Voices, SOCM members in East Tennessee have been advocating for affordable energy efficiency financing through their local electric co-op. Learn how they are finding ways to reduce energy waste.

Energy News Roundup

Electric co-ops as energy services providers
From solar to broadband and more, co-ops today are doing more than just providing electricity to their members. Find out how co-ops across the country are adapting to meet the needs of their member-owners.

Take Action!

Have you made energy upgrades to your home that really make a difference? Are you passionate about rural economic development and electric co-ops? We’d love to hear about it! Share your story with us by emailing brianna@appvoices.org in Tennessee or lauren@appvoices.org in North Carolina.

Tips and Resources

Energy Savings Tip—Home Energy Audits

If your New Year’s resolutions involve saving money, fixing up your house or reducing your carbon footprint, energy efficiency is an easy way to meet your 2018 goals. Consider a professional home energy audit to help you figure out which energy upgrades will save you the most money and energy while improving the comfort, health and safety of your house. Check out these tips on preparing for an energy audit and finding a qualified auditor.

Do you have an energy tip to share? Please email katie.kienbaum@appvoices.org to submit your tip!


Affordable Home Weatherization Info Session
Drop by for a FREE consultation with energy professionals and to learn what programs are right for you. Feb. 1, 3-7 p.m. at Watauga County Public Library, Boone, N.C. View the Facebook event for more details.

Community Forum: Learn about your role in an electric cooperative!
Join your friends and neighbors for an evening of discussion. Learn about the structure of your electric co-op and your role as a member and owner. Refreshments provided. January 30, 6:30-8 p.m. at the Cumberland Gap Town Hall. Please RSVP by calling us at (865) 291-0083, emailing nina@appvoices.org, or through our Facebook event.


  1. Forward this email to 5 friends
  2. Take Action: Sign a letter to your cooperative supporting energy efficiency
  3. Live in western N.C.? Host a free workshop at your church or local community group -- contact katie.kienbaum@appvoices.org to set one up!
  4. Send a letter to your local newspapers expressing your support for home energy efficiency. Contact lauren@appvoices.org to get some tips.
  5. Have you already made significant energy efficiency improvements? Share your story to help others see how they can experience the same benefits. Contact lauren@appvoices.org to learn how.

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