~ April 2015 ~

As spring flowers and warmer weather signal you to turn down your heat, use these tips to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and use less energy!

DIY chimney insulation is so easy, it can be explained in one minute!


When you are ready to retire the fireplace or wood stove for the season, close it off completely. Closing the damper does not achieve the maximum reduced airflow — but physically blocking the chimney will. Hardware stores sell inflatable bags to block air exchange from inside and outside your home that will pop and harmlessly burn if you forget to take it out before starting a fire in the fall. You could also stuff insulation into the chimney — check out this video to see how — but don’t forget to leave a note on the hearth!

Before the weather really heats up and it's time to run the air conditioner, take some time to fix your home’s weatherstripping — air leaks are just as much a problem in the winter as the summer! Check the edges of all the doors and windows in your house. They should be lined to reduce airflow around the border of the door or window. Various types of weatherstripping, from basic foam to door frames, may be purchased at your local hardware store. Read this article to learn the essentials of weatherstripping.

Campaign Updates

We held a Volunteer Launch Party at the Boone office to engage community members who care about energy efficiency in our local campaign, focusing on Blue Ridge Electric Membership Cooperative.

The cooperative utility is working with us to make energy efficiency more accessible to its members, but they want to know their members support the kind of finance program we are suggesting. Our goal is to get 2,500 signatures of support by August. Live in the High Country and want to help us? Sign the letter here or contact sarah@appvoices.org to learn about other opportunities for involvement.


Learn how one utility is implementing an on-bill finance loan program. Curtis Wynn, CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative, talks about his vision for creating more economic opportunity through investments in energy efficiency as well as community solar power. 

Energy Efficiency Legislation: A bill drafted by the Canary Coalition has been introduced in North Carolina’s General Assembly to make electricity rates more affordable and energy efficiency more accessible.

Live in North Carolina? Show your support for a new bipartisan solar bill that would finally open the state up to third party solar sales.

Big banks in New York back the Warehouse for developing energy efficiency loan programs.

Get smart about wasted energy! Check out The Charlotte Post's list of smartphone apps to help small businesses reduce their energy waste.  



  1. Forward this email to 5 friends
  2. Sign a letter to your cooperative supporting energy efficiency
  3. Live in N.C.? Host a free energy efficiency workshop at your church or local community group -- contact eliza@appvoices.org to set one up!
  4. Send a letter to the local press expressing your support for home energy savings -- contact sarah@appvoices.org to get some tips.

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