Take action to stop Dominion’s ratepayer rip-off!

With your help, we are gaining ground on stopping Dominion Energy’s latest power grab, as a growing number of legislators oppose the monopoly utility’s rate-restructure proposal in the General Assembly.

But the fight isn’t over yet. Both the House and the Senate are scheduled to take up this legislation THIS WEEK.

The Senate and House of Delegates have passed different versions of the Dominion-backed bill. The House version — HB 1558 — was amended to prevent Dominion from getting away with charging its ratepayers twice for the same project. The Senate version — SB 966 — was similarly amended on Tuesday, Feb. 20

Now the Senate and House must work to finalize this bill.

We need you to take BOTH actions!

Contact your Delegate


Contact your Senator

Both versions of the bill would still let Dominion spend billions of dollars of our money with virtually no oversight. The State Corporation Commission, the Attorney General’s office and numerous consumer advocates continue to stress that this deeply flawed legislation carries enormous, unfair costs for Virginians.

Our representatives in Richmond are listening. Tell your delegate and senator to side with ratepayers and stand strong in the face of Dominion’s corrupting political influence.

Thank you for adding your voice to this urgent fight.

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