Take action to defend miners’ health!


Advocates for coal miners’ health have been fighting for better protections from black lung disease for decades. This summer, we took a huge step forward when the federal Department of Labor released a new proposed rule to put tighter restrictions on silica dust, which is causing a worsening epidemic of black lung disease in Appalachia. In collaboration with supporters like you, we have been urging the Department of Labor to strengthen that rule, and we expect the department to finalize the rule in the coming months.

But now, members of Congress doing the bidding of the mining industry are trying to block this draft rule before it is even finalized, in the form of an amendment to a must-pass government funding bill.

Tell your members of Congress: Don’t block the silica rule!

This new rule is still being finalized by the Department of Labor, but certain members of Congress are working to sacrifice coal miners’ health to protect the mining industry’s profits. Stand with coal-impacted communities and tell your members of Congress to reject this harmful amendment.