A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Otterly Amazing: Resilient Mammals Stage an Impressive Comeback in Appalachia

By Chelsey Fisher With short legs, a slender body, webbed toes and a generally friendly personality, American river otters are one of the most charismatic creatures in the country. These four-foot-long mammals once flourished in the eastern part of the

Goforth Creek: A Trail in Peril

By Joe Tennis Practically every other day, especially in summer, you can find 33-year-old Zack Dunn dipping his feet in the waterfalls of Goforth Creek. “We’re out once, twice, maybe three times a week,” says Dunn, a resident of Benton,

Growing Community in the New River Valley

Story and photos by Molly Moore From a curvy, two-lane road roughly four miles from downtown Blacksburg, Va., Arlean Lambert’s property is easily recognizable. Three solar panels are mounted by a pond in front of her ranch-style home. A verdant

Interview with Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello, a lifelong resident of Ablemarle County, Va., is a steadfast supporter of environmental and poverty concerns. He used his background in law to prosecute warlords in West Africa, was named one of Time Magazine’s “40 under 40” in

August/September 2013 Newsbites

Working to protect Kentucky streams from selenium, introducing our new Tennessee Tuesdays, and earning a 4-star rating through Charity Navigator!

Groups Win Latest Round in Frasure Creek Lawsuit

The lawsuits between Appalachian Voices and partners and Frasure Creek Mining read like the most complicated court crime novel, with fascinating — but slow-moving — plot twists galore. Eric Chance, AV’s water quality specialist, leads us through the latest attempts by the state of Kentucky to block environmental organizations from the proceedings.

Climate Action Plan has Major Implications for Coal

By Brian Sewell In late June, President Obama announced his administration’s climate action plan. The speech at Georgetown University signaled to Congress that the president was keeping his promise to come up with executive actions to address the threat of

Oil and Gas Boom Straining America’s Energy Infrastructure

By Brian Sewell The United States is experiencing a natural gas boom largely due to advances in drilling and extraction technologies. And in recent years, some have celebrated the fuel as a bridge to a clean energy and carbon-free future.

Native Bivalves “Musseling” Their Way Back into Appalachian Streams

By Matt Grimley Waterways are sometimes disturbed by humans, and mussels are often the first to feel the pain. Thankfully, conservationists are working to repair native Appalachian populations of the bivalve. In West Virginia, the state Division of Natural Resources

ARC Develops New Community Capital Bank to Invest in Appalachia

By Chelsey Fisher The Appalachian Regional Commission opened a new bank called Appalachian Community Capital in June to increase loans and other capital that small businesses in Appalachia receive. Industry analyses have shown that over the past several years, banks