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Stalk on the Wild Side: the Eastern Cougar

EASTERN COUGAR – Photo courtesy of the North Carolina Museum of Natural History MAP OF EASTERN COUGAR SITINGS – From The Eastern Cougar: Historic Accounts, Scientific Investigations and New Evidence. Map reproduced courtesy of Stackpole Books images/AppalachianVoice/AVJan06/Photos/circles/Circle_Cougar.gif “It was only

The Appalachian Voice’s Tenth Anniversary

FIGHTING THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR HOMELAND – Coalfield community groups such as Coal River Mountain Watch and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coaltion protest Massey Energy’s destruction of their mountains and communities through mountaintop removal mining. BREATHTAKING BEAUTY IN THE BANKHEAD

Farmers Worry About CAFO Dairy: Pollution, Land Values Are Concerns

INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE MEETS THE MOUNTAINS – Many residents of Johnson County have little use for the pollution and visual scars CAFOs create across their beautiful mountain landscape. Photos by Dennis Shekinah (above) and Z. Lance (below). Vance Gentry, a dairyman

Not a Vision of Our Future, But of Ourselves

A LANDSCAPE OF DEVASTATION – Photo of a mountaintop removal operation in eastern Kentucky provided courtesy of Southwings. A HOME IN RUINS – This West Virginia home, located just below a mountaintop removal operation, was destroyed by flooding. Photo provided

Flying Friendly Skies Over a Fragile Land

Retreat, Regroup and Retie: An Angler’s Winter Refrain

While the fish may still be biting in the winter, many anglers choose to spend the cold months preparing their tackle box for fairer weather. The White Bass (shown above) was caught with the author’s signature fly, the “Paynekiller,” shown

Paying For Clean Air… Elsewhere

American Electric Power’s Clinch River Power Plant near Bristol, TN. Photo by Kent Kessinger. A ‘CONE OF DEATH’ – Small particle pollution is most concentrated near where it was emitted, placing those who live within a 30-mile radius at 3-4

Controversy Over Proposed Road Accelerates

A PLACE FOR SOLITUDE – National park enthusiasts fear that the proposed North Shore Road would bring development to one of the most scenic and remote forest areas in the East. Photo by Charles Seifried. LONG TIME PASSING – Century-old

Highland Trials Put Sheep Dogs Through Paces

SHARP-EYED AND WAGGY-TAILED – Border Collies are renowned for their skill and agility – not to mention their enthusiasm – when it comes to herding. A LOVE TRIANGLE FOR THE AGES – The historic relationship between people, dogs and livestock

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