Tell N.C. to cancel the MVP Southgate pipeline

Photo by Caroline Hansley, Sierra Club

This month, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will make their decision on the 401 water quality permit for the Southgate extension of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Southgate has already received its Certificate for Public Convenience and Necessity from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The 401 water quality permit for the Southgate extension is the last thing that Mountain Valley Pipeline needs in order to begin construction outside of local stormwater permits.

MVP Southgate would cross over 200 water bodies. Several of these water bodies are used for drinking water supply and are already impacted or contain endangered species that would be impacted by construction. Improper sediment and erosion control on the mainline has led to over 300 water quality violations. Any permit granted by the DEQ is not going to guarantee that Southgate will be built safely.

Please help us contact the Secretary of DEQ, Michael Regan and our governor and tell them that climate leaders don’t build new fracked-gas pipelines! Tell them to deny the 401 permit for Southgate!

N.C. DEQ Secretary Michael Regan
Contact his special assistant by phone:
(919) 707-8661
Contact him by email:

Governor Roy Cooper
Contact him by phone:
(919) 814-2000
Contact him by email:

There is no demand justifying this pipeline. A report by the Applied Economics Clinic found that the demand for natural gas in North Carolina has remained flat over the past decade. The sole purchaser of the gas, Dominion Energy, has just sold off a majority of their natural gas infrastructure.

MVP Southgate will disproportionately impact Indigenous, Black, and lower-income communities and landowners along its route.

Tell the N.C. DEQ and the Governor to deny the 401 Southgate permit today!