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Dear Members,

This is an important time of year for our organization since year-end giving accounts for about one third of our annual support. The support of our members is directly responsible for our accomplishments in 2012:

  • We prevailed in Kentucky with the highest fines ever levied against a coal company for violation of Clean Water Act laws.
  • We generated statewide support that led to an historic first when a bill to ban mountaintop removal was introduced on the floor of the Senate in Tennessee, a mining state.
  • We defeated what would have been the largest coal burning electric generation plant ever proposed in Virginia.
  • We stopped Congressional attempts to weaken environmental regulations and restrict the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's regulation of mercury and coal ash pollution.
  • We kept mountaintop removal part of the dialog in campaigns across the nation and were on hand during the Democratic National Convention to keep the issue on the president's agenda. Our newly launched "No More Excuses" campaign asks President Obama to end mountaintop removal as part of his legacy in this new term.

Together, we win because we are taking a stand for deeply held values like stewardship of our land, air and water, and ultimately, our future. None of this is possible without members like you. Thank you for supporting our work as generously as you ca.

For our mountains and streams,

Willa Mays
Executive Director

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There is no more valuable and lasting gift to our children than protecting the Appalachian mountains. This year, receive a free tote, t-shirt, or Last Mountain DVD as a thank you for helping to support our work for a healthy Appalachia. Please give as generously as you can, and know that you ARE making a difference. [ Donate today ]

Is There a Coal Ash Pond Near You?

Appalachian Voices and partners have unveiled a new, comprehensive web-based tool that allows you to find specific information about coal ash impoundments near you, including information on health threats, safety ratings of individual impoundments, and how you can advocate for strong federal safeguards. [ Learn more about the safety of your state's coal ash ponds ]

End Corporate Welfare for King Coal in Virginia

Virginia taxpayers have subsidized the coal industry for decades with millions in tax breaks meant to grow coal jobs and production. But what are Virginians getting in return? Not much. A new report by Downstream Strategies reveals how the coal industry in Virginia — already in sharp decline — represents multi-millions of dollars lost each year to the state. [ Take a look at the cracks in King Coal's crown ]

YES! Says Yes on Getting Over Coal

Appalachian Voices recently received a nod in YES! Magazine's "3 Lessons for Appalachia's Post-Coal Economy." The article details the framework that Appalachian organizations are working with to move past coal, including diversifying local businesses, keeping wealth local, and investing in new industries like ecotourism. [ See how we're working to build a strong, pollution-free economy in Appalachia ]



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Author Silas House
Silas House"I love being part of an organization that is really and truly doing something every single day to save this land and its people."
Award-winning writer and Appalachian Voices Board Member Silas House
[ Find out how Silas identifies with Appalachia and being an Appalachian ]


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Tennessee Parks
Annual Running Tour

Every Saturday through March: Features 20 road races and one trail race, distances vary from five to 13 miles; walkers welcome. Held hroughout Tennessee.

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113th Annual Audubon
Winter Bird Count

Through Jan. 5: Volunteer to help track avian populations in your area.

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New Year's Day
Yadkin River Hike
Jan. 1, 1 p.m.: Start 2013 with a moderately difficult 5-mile hike at the Yadkin River section of Pilot Mountain State Park. Pinnacle, N.C. Contact Joel Wooten before 9 p.m. at 336-679-8672.

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The Building Conference
Jan. 31 - Feb. 2: Detailed training sessions focus on designing, funding, building, appraising, supporting and maintaining efficient, healthy and affordable housing and communities. $199. Morgantown, W.Va.

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December 15, 2012 ~ Vol. 4, No. 12

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