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Watch our video about our work to hold the coal companies accountable for their pollution at
Watch our video about our work to hold the coal companies accountable for their pollution

Dear Members,

Please join us June 4 in Valle Crucis, NC for our membership gathering and RiverFest. You will have the opportunity to meet our staff and other members who share your passion to protect the Appalachian Mountains.

Speaking of protection, read the articles below relating the flagrant actions of coal companies and why we and partners have filed an intent to sue three coal companies in Kentucky for over 30,000 violations of the Clean Water Act. These companies that supply coal to the Southeast are operating outside the law and must be held accountable.

Coal mining, processing, combustion and waste disposal are the most dangerous sources of water pollution in our region and we need your help to fight a politically powerful and rich industry. A generous donor has agreed to cover half our litigation costs on one lawsuit if we can raise $12,500 from our membership by Earth Day, April 22nd. Your gift will send the message that we will not stand by and watch coal companies arrogantly assume they can continue years of operating outside the law.

Help spread the message to coal companies that the law does apply to them by supporting the work of Appalachian Voices today.

Looking forward to seeing you in Valle Crucis June 4!

Willa Mays
Executive Director

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Another Big Bust on Big Coal

Watch out big coal, 'cause we are knocking on your door. Appalachian Voices announced in a press release last Wednesday their intent to sue yet another Kentucky coal company for over 12,000 violations of the Clean Water Act. Coal company Nally and Hamilton now stands accused of falsifying data, missing reports, improper sampling and, worst of all, the uncertainty of how badly they may be polluting our waters. [ Check out our Water Defense page to keep up-to-date on these actions ]

Virginia Loves Mountains

Virginia Loves Mountains

Please join us for our second annual Virginia Loves Mountains Day! On March 25th, people across the commonwealth will join forces to let Senators Webb and Warner know, without a doubt, that Virginians want them to protect the EPA and to stop mountaintop removal coal mining.

Would you commit to visiting a regional senate office near you or calling Senators Webb and Warner on March 25th? [ Sign up here].

Clean Water Awaits its Fate

Three amendments that would threaten our waterways passed through the House budget bill and now await hearings in the Senate. These amendments, which would undermine the EPA's authority to override clean water act permits, deregulate coal ash as hazardous and defund the EPA's ability to implement water guidance monitoring on mountaintop removal sites, are all budget-neutral, meaning adding these to the budget bill will not actually help reduce the budget. [ Visit to find the latest updates and how you can take action].

Save the date!

On June 4th, Appalachian Voices will host our 2nd annual RiverFest and yearly membership meeting on the Watauga River in beautiful Valle Crucis, N.C. With tons of games and activities for kids and adults -- including the opportunity to meet a live hellbender salamamder -- it's sure to be a great day on the river! Members will have the chance to participate in the annual meeting portion of the event, but everyone is invited. So join us this summer on the banks of the Watauga for BBQ, bluegrass, and a relaxing day on the river. Learn more here.



Donate to Ensure Big Coal Obeys the Law

Kentucky waterways need your help! A generous donor as offered to match up to $12,500 for our Appalachia Water Watch work in KY. This matching challenge ends on Earth Day, so double your impact today!


Women of Appalachia issue
The Appalachian Voice Feb/March issue is now on newsstands and online, featuring the Women of Appalachia (one of our best natural resources!).

Business League Spotlight

Early Girl Eatery Doe Ridge Pottery offers a gorgeous array of functional and artistic pieces. Visit Doe Ridge Pottery in Boone, or find Bob's pieces in shops all across NC! Visit Doe Ridge Pottery online HERE.

[ Check out all of our Business League Members ]


Virginia Loves Mountains March 25th is Virginia Loves Mountains Day! People across the commonwealth will join forces to let Senators Webb and Warner know, without a doubt, that Virginians want them to fully support the EPA and to stop mountaintop removal once and for all.

Click HERE for more information.
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Power Shift 2011 Registration Ends
April 3rd is the last day for Power Shift 2011 Registration. If you want to be one of the 10,000 young leaders involved in the movement for a clean energy future then don't forget to register by April 3rd.

Visit for more information.
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Blair Mountain Fest
June 5-11 March to help perserve Blair Mountain, abolish mountaintop removal, strengthen labor rights and demand sustainable job creation for all Appalachian communities. Takes place in Charleston W.V. at Blair Mountain.

For more information visit
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March, 2011 ~ Vol. 3, No. 4

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