The ACP’s “Worst Hits”!!

The proposed fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline has ranked on the Top 100 chart of “Fossil Fuel Boondoggles” for going on six years now — but it’s rocketed to top billing in recent months!!

Today, we bring you a new album, “The ACP’s Worst Hits,” published on the Dominion Energy and Duke Energy label and featuring a range of newsmakers like Morgan Stanley Investment firm and S&P Global Markets.

Sing along as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline continues to be revealed as bad news for the landowners in its path, and a legal, financial and environmental liability for ratepayers and investors.

Here you’ll find some rockin’ headlines like:

“We believe this project will not move forward due to legal risks … “ by Morgan Stanley analysts (2/18/2020)

“4th Circuit nixes key permit for Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline, citing environmental justice concerns” by Utility Dive (1/8/2020)

And this favorite by songster Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring: “The permitting process was rushed and slipshod” (1/22/2020)

Plus the surprise hit by none other than Dominion Energy: “Significant build-out of natural gas generation facilities is not currently viable…” (3/24/2020)

And who can forget the classic riff from former Vice President Al Gore: “A reckless, racist rip-off” (2/19/2019)

Late-breaking tracks include the dynamic “Court tosses nationwide permit used for pipelines” by Bloomberg Law (4/16/2020)

And “Law creates barriers for Virginia utilities seeking to recoup gas capacity costs” by S&P Global (4/9/2020)

BONUS TRACK: That Golden Oldie from Federal Judge Stephanie Thacker, sampling from Dr. Suess: “We trust the Forest Service to ‘speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.’” (12/13/2018)

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