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Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancelled!!

In a historic decision, Duke and Dominion drop their 600-mile project.

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National Economic Transition

Coal-community leaders unveil historic plan for bold federal investments

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No utility shutoffs during Covid

We're pressing for bans on electricity shutoffs for families impacted by the health and economic crises.

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$20 for 2020

From May through September, annual memberships with Appalachian Voices are just $20.

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Black Lives Matter.

Appalachian Voices stands in solidarity with the millions of people nonviolently rising up across the country in anguish and outrage to demand justice and dismantle systemic racism in America. Read more.

About Appalachian Voices

Appalachian Voices has been the region's grassroots advocate for healthy communities and environmental protection for over 20 years, and a leading force in Appalachia's shift from fossil fuels to clean energy and a just future.

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Special statement regarding COVID-19

At Appalachian Voices, we are committed to working for a healthy environment and resilient local economies that allow communities to thrive. Faced with the dangers of COVID-19, we are making essential changes to help protect our staff, volunteers, partners and the community members we work with across the region... Read more