Stand up for clean water!

Clean water sustains us all — our families, animals and communities, our farms and fisheries. Clean water is a fundamental human right — and it’s under attack by the Trump administration.

We need your help to stop it.
Act before the October 21 deadline!

Since 1972, the Clean Water Act has been one of America’s bedrock environmental protections. The law requires thorough federal permits, based on scientific review, for major industrial projects that might pollute U.S. waters — including oil and gas pipelines.

A key section of the law requires states and Native American tribes to certify that such projects protect the rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands and other water resources in their jurisdictions, or if need be, put limits on or stop unacceptable projects. For example, states and tribes have used Section 401 to protect waters from toxic coal dust, reservoir contamination and degradation of fish habitat. Minnesota and New York have relied on Section 401 to try to protect their waters from oil or natural gas pipelines.

But the Environmental Protection Agency plans to weaken Section 401 in order to push through fracked-gas pipelines and other dirty-energy projects — putting our water and our health at risk. As noted on EPA’s webpage, the changes are proposed specifically to align with the president’s April 2019 executive order entitled “Promoting Energy Infrastructure and Economic Growth.” Tell the EPA that it should not attempt to change the rules to accommodate oil and gas pipelines and other dirty energy projects.

And thanks! Future generations will be grateful for your action today.

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