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The Carbon / Climate Challenge

Visit our new Carbon Pollution and Climate section to learn more and find out how you can get involved!

Visit our new Carbon Pollution and Climate section to learn more and find out how you can get involved!

In a few weeks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is set to unveil the nation’s first-ever proposal to limit planet-warming carbon pollution from the nation’s existing power plants — the single largest contributor to America’s carbon footprint.

This is a critical opportunity to move the needle away from dirty fossil fuels and the destruction they wreak — including mountaintop removal and poisoned water and air — and toward cleaner, more sustainable ways to power our lives. A strong regulatory framework to cut carbon pollution can help level the playing field for energy efficiency and renewables like solar and wind.

These cleaner sources of energy are poised to make profound, positive changes in the nation’s energy portfolio that can dramatically reduce the human and environmental harm from extracting and burning fossil fuels — if we can overcome the disproportionate political influence of the fossil fuel and utility industries.

Countless studies show that switching to efficiency and renewables will also boost economic prosperity, creating jobs and business and investor opportunities. This is especially important in many parts of Appalachia, where good jobs are scarce and lower household incomes preclude too many from the savings and comfort of an energy-efficient home.

EPA’s announcement will be just the beginning of the process. There will be much debate about the scope and specifics of the federal carbon rule. Once that’s finalized, each state will have to come up with its own plan to make the actual reduction in carbon emissions.

The public’s involvement — your involvement — will be crucial. We will need to keep the pressure on our federal and state elected officials, and on the corporate players, to do the right thing. Appalachian Voices will be advocating for action that leads swiftly to averting the worst impacts of climate change and building a robust clean energy economy.





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