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The River City is set to soak up the sun

City-scale solar initiatives are being adopted in Virginia.

City-scale solar initiatives are being adopted in Virginia.

Solar is no longer a thing of the future — it makes sense right here, right now. That’s the spirit of Virginia’s newest residential-scale renewable energy initiative, SolarizeRVA, which was launched on Tuesday in celebration of Earth Day.

If you read last month’s post about Solarize Blacksburg, the idea in Richmond is the same: a bulk purchasing program that streamlines the process for homeowners who want to go solar and get a group discount (for a limited time only, now through July 15.)

By vetting local contractors AltEnergy and Integrated Power Sources of Virginia, arranging the best price for installation, and educating people on available tax credits and financing, the program removes the usual legwork and guessing that come with going solar. It makes a fair amount of cost savings possible too, 10 to 15 percent off market rates, plus the 30 percent federal tax credit currently available. Long-term financing is also offered, making solar practical and accessible for almost anyone.

A program like SolarizeRVA is the kind of kick Virginia needs to accelerate our state up to the capacity of installed solar that states like North Carolina already boast about. In the first week alone, 60 households have contacted SolarizeRVA about getting their homes assessed! Here’s to the Richmond Region Energy Alliance’s efforts for a solar explosion in our State Capitol, and let’s help spread the word!





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