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Looking Ahead: An Exciting Point in History

Dear members,

Last month, I told you about the path that led me to Appalachian Voices and the things that inform my vision for the work ahead: a deep connection to the mountains, a bond with folks who share this affinity, and fatherhood.
I believe that the work we’re doing together stems from our love of place and our connection to each other. Your support has allowed us to develop a winning combination of organizing, legislative and legal strategies.

Last year, for instance, our collective victory against the largest-ever proposed coal plant in Virginia allowed us to shift more of our efforts to promoting clean energy alternatives in the commonwealth. Likewise, after uncovering a widespread pattern of corruption that led to the highest fines ever levied against a coal company in Kentucky, we’re more focused than ever on giving citizens from the West Virginia coalfields to the North Carolina Piedmont the tools to be effective guardians of their waterways and advocates for clean water laws.

Looking ahead, we are excited to launch a program this spring aimed at helping rural Appalachian electric co-ops and their members make major investments in energy efficiency.

This is an exciting point in history, with growing awareness of the impacts of irresponsible coal use, clean energy sources emerging as viable alternatives, and a White House that is on record as committed to moving the nation toward a sustainable energy future. This historic shift is taking place across America, but in Appalachia, everything is at stake.

By keeping the pressure on at all levels, we can transform the ways we produce and use energy — protecting our communities, preserving our natural heritage, and revitalizing the economy. Thank you for standing with Appalachian Voices in this effort. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Cheers to our continued work together,

Tom Cormons
Executive Director




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