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Answer Me These Post-Coal Questions Three

A new blog for YES! Magazine asks, “How do we get over coal?”

That’s the question many are asking in Appalachia, where coal’s contribution to the economy is wearing thin. Already, coal is less and less abundant and more and more expensive to extract. And because it harms the environment and destroys local communities, “How do we get over coal?” is a question for Appalachia’s future.

You’ll have to read “3 Lessons for Appalachia’s Post-Coal Economy” to find the “how” out for yourself, but the gist is this: Appalachia is full of organizations that are promoting sustainable business models. That means business should benefit local residents. That means looking out for the long run. That means creating an interconnected network of new industries that will avoid the problems of leaning on only one resource.

Check it out! Appalachia’s future depends on it.





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  1. Seabury Lyon on December 15, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    I’m very interested the seeing successful models for Post Coal Economy planning.
    We’ve got to share the positive vision to overcome the reluctance to change in the folks who need it the most!

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