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ACTION: Tennessee Senate Votes TODAY on Mountaintop Removal Ban

The TN Senate will pick up debate on SB 0577 this evening at 6PM EST, and you can watch right here

Today, the Tennessee State Senate is poised to be the first full legislative body in history to vote on a mountaintop removal ban. This is a vote which mountain advocates can very well win. We need seventeen votes. Its going to be extremely close, and every single vote will count.

Please take 5 minutes to call your State Senator. Ask them to “Restore and Pass” the Scenic Vistas Protection Act today.

For more background on what happened in Committee, see here. For more background on the bill, see here.

Find out who your State Senator is, and then use the list below to give them a call! Go, fight, win!

Senator District Phone #
Barnes, Tim 22 (615)741-2374
Beavers, Mae 17 (615)741-2421
Bell, Mike 9 (615)741-1946
Berke, Andy 10 (615)741-6682
Burks, Charlotte 15 (615)741-3978
Campfield, Stacey 7 (615)741-1766
Crowe, Rusty 3 (615)741-2468
Faulk, Mike 4 (615)741-2061
Finney, Lowe 27 (615)741-1810
Ford, Ophelia 19 (615)741-1767
Gresham, Dolores 26 (615)741-2368
Harper, Thelma 19 (615)741-2453
Haynes, Joe 20 (615)741-6697
Henry, Douglas 21 (615)741-3291
Herron, Roy 24 (615)741-4576
Johnson, Jack 23 (615)741-2495
Kelsey, Brian 31 (615)741-3036
Ketron, Bill 13 (615)741-6853
Kyle, Jim 28 (615)741-4167
Marrero, Beverly 30 (615)741-9128
Massey, Becky Duncan 6 (615)741-1648
McNally, Randy 5 (615)741-6806
Norris, Mark 32 (615)741-1967
Overbey, Doug 8 (615)741-0981
Ramsey, Ron 2 (615)741-4524
Roberts, Kerry 18 (615)741-1999
Southerland, Steve 1 (615)741-3851
Stewart, Eric 14 (615)741-6694
Summerville, Jim 25 (615)741-4499
Tate, Reginald 33 (615)741-2509
Tracy, Jim 16 (615)741-1066
Watson, Bo 11 (615)741-3227
Yager, Ken 12 (615)741-1449





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  1. Emily on March 12, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Be sure to let senators know that you support the ORIGINAL bill, not the amendments by Senator Mike Bell and the TN Envr Committee. Their amendment states that if mining sites pile the rubble back to the “approximate original contour line” of the mountain than technically the mountain was never removed. Tennessee deserves better than this, don’t know think? SB 577 as it stands now includes this amendment and therefore has no teeth. Senator Stewart’s original bill would actually protect ridgelines over 2000 feet before being blown up, and would therefore have less ill health effects downstream.

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