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URGENT: Don’t Let Big Coal Poison Virginia’s Groundwater!

A dirty bill in the Virginia General Assembly is bad news for the health of Virginia’s groundwater. We urgently need to show state senators that clean water for the Commonwealth is more important than cost-cutting measures for the coal industry!

A bill, HB 710, has been introduced into the Virginia General Assembly that would allow the coal industry to dispose of toxic mining waste in empty underground mines in Virginia – without the consent of the surface landowners.

From there, the waste can leach into groundwater, wells and streams – a major threat to the health of Virginia groundwater. Because of your support we almost stopped this bill last week in committee, but unfortunately it passed by one vote.

HB 710 will be voted on in the Virginia State Senate either today or tomorrow!

Virginians, we need you to take a moment to call your senator’s office and urge him or her to vote against HB 710.

Look up your senator’s phone number at this link and then you can follow the script below.

Suggested Comments:
Hello, this is [your name] and I live in [your town or city] in the senator’s district. I am calling to ask that the senator VOTE NO ON HOUSE BILL 710. This bill would violate private property rights by allowing coal companies to dispose of toxic mining waste in empty underground mines without the landowner’s consent.

Once you have made the call please let our allies at the Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition know how it went by reporting your call here.





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