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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “Lisa Jackson is the Most Courageous EPA Administrator in U.S. History”

Team App Voices’ friend and colleague Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has released this statement regarding the veto of the Spruce Mine permit. Like most Americans we’ve heard from, he strongly supports the EPA standing up to the coal lobby in order to protect the citizens of Central Appalachia.

Lisa Jackson is an American hero and the most courageous administrator in EPA history. She has been unyielding in her willingness to stand up to the bullies and polluters at big coal. I want to thank Lisa Jackson, EPA Region 3 Administrators, Appalachian Voices, and every citizen who raised their voice to bring us one step closer to ending mountaintop removal coal mining. Today we have a reason to celebrate, but we still face a difficult road ahead. The environmental and social impacts of the Spruce Mine Permit are not unique. Mountaintop removal coal mining is devastating the Appalachian regions human, environmental and economic health. It is urgent that we support the EPA and continue the fight for clean water in Appalachia.

Our many thanks to Mr. Kennedy for his continuing hard work to fight for justice, safety, and prosperity for the land and people of Appalachia. His absolute take-down of Don Blankenship’s nihilistic pro-MTR blather is something I will never forget:





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