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Appalachian Mountain Photo Competition

Appalachian Voices is sponsoring the “Ecological Footprint” category once again this year in the 8th annual Appalachian Mountains Photo Competition, a juried photography show sponsored by Appalachian State University’s Outdoor Programs department. The contest is now accepting submissions through December 17.

"Coal Fly Ash Sludge Disaster" by Jerry D. Greer, winner of the 2010 AMPC Ecological Footprint categoryThe “Ecological Footprint” category is looking for images that document environmental concerns in Central and Southern Appalachia. Perhaps you come across a tree root overtaking some manmade object, an abandoned trail cut through the woods or some industrial practice that is harming the environment. The point is to show how we as a species have impacted the natural world.

Appalachian Voices will be offering a $200 prize for the winner of this category.

Other categories in the competition include Adventure; Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas; “The Parkway Tree Project,” (Blue Ridge Parkway Share the Journey® annual category); Culture; Flora and Fauna; and Landscape.

Over $4000 in cash and prizes will be awarded courtesy of Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Footsloggers Outdoor and Travel Outfitters, Mast General Store and Appalachian Voices.

The Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition (AMPC) is a program of ASU’s Outdoor Programs in partnership with the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. This competition is open to amateur and professional photographers at least 13 years of age and provides an opportunity to showcase their interpretation of the unique character, people, places, and pursuits that distinguish the Southern Appalachians.

For complete contest rules, photos of previous winners, the AMPC blog, and to enter, visit

2010 winning images include:

BEST IN SHOW: Pushing the Christmas Tree Bailer by Tommy Penick
BEST IN SHOW: Pushing the Christmas Tree Bailer by Tommy Penick

CULTURE CATEGORY WINNER: Untitled by Ian Mahathey
CULTURE CATEGORY WINNER: Untitled by Ian Mahathey

FLORA AND FAUNA CATEGORY WINNER: Windswept Grasses in Craggy Gardens by Bill Gozansky
FLORA AND FAUNA CATEGORY WINNER: Windswept Grasses in Craggy Gardens by Bill Gozansky

To view all winners from the 2010 exhibit, visit the App Mountains Photo Competition blog.





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  1. Fraser Card on December 31, 2017 at 11:12 am

    I Love the people. As a child we would drive from Ontario Canada into the South to visit relatives & old family ties. I was born here in Ontario in 1950 and the interstate roads were not in place ( Thank YOU God ) Needless to say, we drove the small two lanes in our 50’s Desoto & 60’s Chrysler’s.

    No one up here knows the area you enjoy as Home. Sad to say. Roxanne & I tour the old roads still, about every 3or 4yrs….. our Family has all pretty much gone now so there’s no real stopping to visit. But we take the ole roads and enjoy the people.

    It sorrows me to see the last few Fed Gov’t have turned their back on the Mountains. It seems to me there’s an under current of trying to get rid of the real people there hoping to acquire the land for the wealthy ones for their personal use. The last Fed Gov’t I believe worked almost the hardest against the people…… I truly do pray, this Fed Gov’t (2017) will ease the plight and. . . . . ” make America Great Again ” Lets all pull together, in the same direction and make this happen for the American People, in the stead of all the back biting and Gov’t corruption of the past. Sorry…. for the last rant but it all starts at the top…… correct ?

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