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NY Times on Coal River Wind Project, Editorial Too

This month, the New York Times ran a story in the front page of the Business Section about the battle over Coal River Mountain. This mountain, the last standing in the Coal River Valley, is slated for a 6,600 square mile mountaintop removal mine. But local residents, led by grandmother Lorelei Scarbro, has a different vision: a 328 megawatt wind farm. Appalachian Voices and Google Earth Outreach teamed up with the Coal River Wind project to create an interactive Google Earth tour and an accompanying video of the mountain’s plight. The tour was displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last summer.

Two days later, the New York Times came out with its most strongly worded editorial opposing mountaintop removal.

NYT Times Article: Beyond Fossil Fuels: A Battle in Mining Country Pits Coal Against Wind
NYT Editorial: A Mountain in the Stream






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