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Sludge Safety Project Seeks Volunteers

By Megan Naylor
Megan is a frequent contributor to The Appalachian Voice publication, and served as Appalachian Voices’ Communications intern during Spring and Fall 2010.

Sludge Safety Project volunteers were out in force during the 2009 WV Legislative Session. Stay tuned to this website for upcoming efforts during the 2009 InterimsThe Sludge Safety Project, a collaborative effort of Coal River Mountain Watch, Concerned Citizens in Mingo County and Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
is looking for volunteers!

The SSP works to improve safety of people living in the vicinity of sludge ponds, shutting down impoundments, improving water quality in West Virginia and demanding alternative methods of disposal of coal waste.

Volunteers have the opportunity to work one on one with a specific SSP team or divide their work between several.

The teams revolve around research, legislative policy, and community organizing.

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to; event coordination, community outreach, legal research, research editing, web development; grant writing, tech research and archival work.

Homepage for the Sludge Safety Project .

If interested, call Stephanie Tyree at 304-522-0246 or Email Sludge Safety Project.




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