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Climate Ground Zero Meeting With Manchin Results In Temporary Halt To Harassment of Tree Sitters

Photo by Climate Ground Zero

Representatives from Climate Ground Zero met with West Virignia Governor Manchin today to discuss the harassment of two tree sitters who have halted blasting on Coal River Mountain since last Wednesday.

Eric Blevins, 28, and Amber Nitchman, 19, have occupied trees in the Bee Tree strip mine for the past eight days. The two protestors have been constantly bombarded with air horns, bright lights, and threats from Massey Energy security officials.

A third tree sitter descended and was arrested on day five of the protest.

The meeting follows a statement by Manchin that called for a cease to violence in the coalfields on both sides of the coal debate.

According to CGZ website, the meeting resulted in a temporary moratorium on the use of air horns and flood lights, but the sitters are concerned about other, possibly more dangerous, forms of harassment.

Read the full Climate Ground Zero press release.




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