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ACCCE Launches New Super-Grassrootsy REAL support ARMY (on Twitter)

Having had their astroturfing forgery exposed, this week coal industry front group ACCCE is taking an uber-REAL super-grassrootsy approach to showing us their grassrootability, via Twitter. And this time, rather than making stuff up about random minority groups, womens’ organizations, or seniors, they’re saying that they are promoting coal for…the firefighters? Wait a second, I meant the…tanners?

Their strategy, it seems, is to basically going to any farmers market or county fair and trying to get pictures of “real” people holding up their silly shirts.

For a coal industry group with a long history of fraud, from posing as an environmental organization not affiliated with industry, to knowingly influencing Congressional votes with forged letters, and claiming to be promoting “clean energy” ACCCE has a LOT of tweeting to do before it ever gets its credibility back.

Its just impossible to sell such a stupid idea that continuing to blow up mountains and dump the waste in the valleys is anything but dirty, destructive, and economically unsustainable. CO2 regulation and investment in efficiency will not only be beneficial to coalfield communities, but it may lead to lower electricity prices. Even China is now backing away from CCS technology because it is too expensive.

But the fraud marches on…

TPM has much more on ACCCE’s long history of fraud and forgery over at the TPMMuckraker.




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