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Appalachian Voices Applauds NC’s Move Towards Wind Energy

Appalachian Voices applauds moving NC towards wind energy and supports action by the North Carolina Senate to pass Senate Bill 1068.

The original version of this bill, developed by the hard work of the Wind Technical Advisory Group, attempted to design a permitting regime that would allow for the responsible development of wind in NC while preserving the state’s mountain views, its forests and wildlife, its sounds and coastlines.

Appalachian State University’s
Broyhill Inn Wind Turbine

Wind is an emission-free renewable source of energy that can be developed in an environmentally responsible manner, reducing our dependence on dirty forms of energy, such as coal, while preserving NC’s mountains and coast. As Senate Bill 1068 states, wind is critical to fulfilling the goals of the state’s renewable energy standard.

While not perfect, the original draft of the bill was, we believe, a good first step towards responsible wind energy development in NC.

However, the anticipated amendments in the Senate Finance Committee will effectively ban any large-scale wind development in the mountains of NC.

We view this as a step in the wrong direction. We’re eager to work with mountain legislators on a bill that will both address their concerns and move the state forward on developing wind energy.

Ask your Senators to support the original version of Senate 1068 by sending them an email today at:





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