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Visit your Representative to End the Appalachian Apocalypse

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Dear Mountain Lover,

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.Mountaintop removal coal mining is the worst environmental tragedy in American history. When will the Obama administration finally stop this Appalachian apocalypse?

So began an op-ed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Friday’s edition of The Washington Post. As Mr. Kennedy noted:

“Mining syndicates are detonating 2,500 tons of explosives each day — the equivalent of a Hiroshima bomb weekly — to blow up Appalachia’s mountains and extract sub-surface coal seams….

“On this continent, only Appalachia’s rich woodlands survived the Pleistocene ice ages that turned the rest of North America into a treeless tundra. King Coal is now accomplishing what the glaciers could not — obliterating the hemisphere’s oldest, most biologically dense and diverse forests.”

So when will the Obama administration and Congress take action to stop mountaintop removal coal mining?

The answer may be this: only when enough people demand it.

That’s why we’re asking you to visit your members of Congress this August — and to tell them that now is the time to stop mountaintop removal coal mining.

Learn more about visiting your representative.

Every August, Congress goes into recess, with many members returning home to hear from their constituents.

With your help, we can make sure your members of Congress learn about the destruction of mountaintop removal coal mining – and hear from constituents like you that itís time to end “this Appalachian apocalypse.”

Dedicating just an hour or two of your time this August will make a tremendous difference in ending mountaintop removal coal mining.

Click here to sign up for an in-district visit with your representative.

Thank you for taking action.

Matt Wasson





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