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Virginia Coal Analysis – Take a Deep Breath Virginia

The VA General Assembly meets for 30-90 days a year to discuss an vote on THOUSANDS of bills that affect the future of the Commonwealth of Virginia! This past February, Appalachian Voices staff and volunteers paid the oldest legislative body in the country a visit. We presented THIS REPORT and asked reps to reconsider plans to re-regulate the energy market in the state.

Virginia Coal Production Predictions and Actual Trends

Read the full lobby piece to find out why….

The cost of constructing a new coal-fired power plant has increased by 50% in the last year alone.

Appalachian coal production is declining, coal prices are rising, and we’re importing coal from Indonesia.

Now Dominion is promoting a plan to re-regulate electricity markets that would put all the risks onto Virginia’s rate payers.

Are We Heading Into a “Perfect Storm?”

Southwest Virginia Extent of Surface Mining





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