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Presidential Candidates on Energy

As the 2008 elections heat up (for another 17 months!) I’d like to occasionally embed some relevant videos of speeches regarding energy and the environment. Three cheers for the first second “YouTube election!”

Senator Obama (D) in Detroit on auto emissions:Senator Edwards (D) at a Biomass Conversion Center in Nevada, IA:

Senator Clinton (D) on her Energy Policy:

Governor Richardson (D) (former Secretary of Energy under Clinton) on New Mexico’s global warming record:

and speaking to the DFA on energy/environment:

John McCain (R) on energy/security:

Giuliani (R) on “Energy Independence” (repeating the old “US is the Saudi Arabia of coal” line):

Mitt Romney (R) in Detroit:Congressman Kucinich (D) can not be considered a major candidate, but is nonetheless a Congressional champion on mountaintop removal, and an environmental leader in DC:





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