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Residents from the Coalfields take the UN by storm

Dispatches From UN Commission on Sustainable Development:
Delegates Living On the Front lines of Energy Extraction Speak Out

We went to the Climate change-energy industry blueprint on how to tackle climate change.

One man, Kurt Yeager from Electric power research institute gave a presentation on roadway to a low carbon future. Talking about different 3 phases. The first phase was the only one i was able to write down. By 2015 credible commitment and slower CO2 emissions growth.

So I ask him “How are you accounting for the cost of the full cycle of carbon?” He basically responded saying he could not put a price on it. I told him to tell my daughter he can’t put a price on her health. Then Lauren asked some stuff.

After the meeting was over, Chuck went over to Mr. Yeager and asked him about the extraction of coal and what extraction method he was planning on using to mine the coal. And he said basically that he knows there are problems with mining coal in Appalachian, but more or less he said that was the answer to our energy needs and we cannot put a price on the extraction of coal. Chuck then said what about the people of Appalachia are they going to have to pay the price of this extraction?

He said more or less we have to stick w/ coal and he said he was from Appalachia and he understood the problems that Appalachia faced. Earlier in the dialog Mr. Yeager had said, “I know what you all are talking about, I am from Appalachia and live with this stuff too”. Chuck asked him what part of Appalachia and he said Youngstown, OH. Then Chuck told him he don’t live in the coal fields he more or less lived in the coal fire power plant area. Chuck told him he didn’t know anything about the process of mining coal. Or what the true cost that coal really is. Chuck told him about people loosing their property, flooding out, contaminating water, being blasted out from MTR. He started laughing.

Chuck said “Why are you laughing, you think it is funny having to live like that?” He just had a lack of concern He said he wasn’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and Erica said speaking of babies in bathwater. I just found out for 3 yrs I was bathing my daughter in water with high levels of Arsenic in it. He just said that was too bad.

He pretty much said whatever he thought we wanted to hear. I think Chuck did a great job. I was very impressed with the fact that Chuck just walked right up to this man and said what he wanted to say. I was very inspired listening to Chuck.





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