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Premium hard to come by on ‘green’ wood

[Oregon] Some consumers go out of their way to buy organic milk or cage-free eggs – and they’re willing to pay extra for the added effort and expense it takes to produce them – but Scott Ferguson and Barry Sims of Trout Mountain Forestry have found that getting a premium for “sustainable” lumber is a lot harder…. not because nobody wants the lumber, but because it’s so hard to reach the right customers. To get more FSC-certified wood into the hands of green builders, Trout Mountain Forestry is partnering with …small woodland owners in Oregon. Their goal is to accrue, mill and market … certified logs. Traveling into uncharted territory may present Trout Mountain and company with challenges, as well as opportunities, but it’s a necessary step for small woodland owners, said John Belton, one of the land owners cooperating with Trout Mountain.

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