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Even small business gets into the green act

Environmentally friendly products and practices gaining momentum
[New York] The expression “going green” might have a gimmicky sound, but for small businesses, selling environmentally friendly products and services can be very profitable. And even companies whose line of work is more traditional can benefit from using green products and practices. Floorworks, a Toronto-based hardwood flooring manufacturer, sells green products — it says its wood comes from forests that have been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, a group that aims at managing forests in an environmentally friendly way. That kind of activism appeals to many consumers, who are often drawn to the idea that the money they spend can be doing good for the world. But they’re also looking for products and services that are good for them — Greenberg said his company has thrived by selling flooring that isn’t covered with polyurethane, but that’s protected by oil.

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