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Community-Based Restorative Forestry

A forum lead by Biological Woodsmen
Jason Rutledge

BOONE, NC – (March 2007) If you have questions about the woods on your property or if you want to know more about creating a sustainable income then mark you calendars. At 7PM on April 2nd the Heritage Council and Sustainable Development Program and Outreach of Appalachian State University along with Mountain Works Sustainable Development are hosting a free and unique community event. In the Table Rock Room of Plemmons Student Union on the campus of ASU in Boone, Biological Woodsmen Jason Rutledge of the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation will present “Community-Based Restorative Forestry”. Hailed by Kentucky farmer ad writer Wendell Berry, Rutledge’s Virginia based not-for-profit group has been the regional leader in horse logging, whole forest management, and green certified “Draftwood” lumber. Healing Harvest’s primary purpose is to train the ground level practitioners of hand-crafted forestry, called Biological Woodsmen. This forum will serve to spread the word about the best kept secret in the struggle for equitable resource management. Local horsemen, forest workers, students and educators have a rare opportunity to meet together in order to gain a new perspective on the developing sustainable forest economy in the Southern Appalachians .
Tax deductible donations to Healing Harvest Forest Foundation will be accepted and will go towards training more Biological Woodsmen.

For more information on this event contact Ian Snider at (828) 266-3379, or log onto





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