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Those Who Would Defend Children?…ARRESTED

Update 2: Photo by Graham Boyle with MJSB
Many of those asking Governor Manchin to stop the building of a second silo above Marsh Fork Elementary were arrested today at the WV State Capitol.

Read the news here, here, and here.

WVpubcast has audio of what are apparently brutal arrests.

Update: Hat tip to Vivian at OHVEC

More from the Herald-Dispatch

Ed Wiley, a grandfather who walked 455 miles from his home in Raleigh County to Washington, D.C., last fall to draw attention to pollution near Marsh Fork Elementary School, was among those arrested.

Also arrested were Hillary Anne Hosta, 34, of Naoma; Larry L. Gibson, 61, of Dawes; Michael Morrison, 48, of Barboursville; Wendy Ross, 56, of Charleston; Charles Price, 49, of Charleston; Abram G. Racin, 24, of Morgantown; Abraham Mwahra, 26, of Huntington; Franklin D. Young, 61, of Ripley; Matthew Christian Stiefel, 21, of Morgantown; Colin W. Cascia, 22, of Philadelphia; Charles Edward Nelson, 50, of Glen Daniel; and Sarah Melissa Kidder, 24, of Fayetteville.

Most of those aren’t “students” as the article tries to portray those at the capitol.





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