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KY Gubernatorial Candidate talks Mountaintop Removal

Johnathon Miller, a young – but competitive – candidate for the Kentucky Governorship, has come out with a speech this morning describing some major policy initiatives. One of which was “Reforming the practice of mountaintop removal mining to protect Kentucky’s rivers and streams and preserve natural habitats for hunting, fishing and hiking;

As for exactly what “Reforming the practice” means, I’m still waiting to hear back from his campaign.

From Mr. Miller’s remarks

As your next Governor, I will also take the bold step of reforming the practice of mountain top removal mining so that we preserve Kentucky’s natural beauty and promote healthy citizens by protecting our streams and rivers. I am excited about the introduction of House Bill 385 by Representative Don Pasley calling for the reform of mountain top removal mining and for the protection of our rivers and streams. I am happy that he has so many co-sponsors. But I was saddened to see the headline in the Lexington Herald-Leader saying the legislation probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

We have to stop the old school ways of sitting idly by and watching problems get worse. We need to start having hearings and asking the tough questions. We have to start offering ideas and fresh approaches.

It is time that we take a close look at how the practice of mountaintop removal mining affects our Commonwealth’s rivers and streams and special natural habitats. We must be vigilant to protect the drinking water of our children and our families. And we must be vigilant to ensure that we preserve our beautiful lands for sportsmen and women, fishermen and women and hikers. Indeed, it is our moral obligation to serve as stewards of the environment, stewards of the Creation.

Update: A quick response from campaign spokesman Carol Andrews, who says “Today we are not rolling out any policiy decisions, we are starting a discussion.”
I’m also obliged to note that this Appalachian Voices does not endorse candidates, and this is in no-way an endorsement of the Miller-Maze campaign.





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