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“Energize America” Goes to Congress!

Energize America (EA) is one of the first ever attempts to craft enormous public policy by using the populist new medium of blogs and the internet. And we are all invited!

Ever wanted to write America’s energy laws? Well, now is your chance!

We are asked to develop legislative proposals (draft) bills based on the following acts:

* Act III: The Fleets Conversion Act (“Mass Transit”)
* Act IV: The Community-Based Energy Investment Act (“Neighborhood Power”)
* Act V: The Passenger Rail Restoration Act (“Bullet Trains”)
* Act VII: The Wind Energy Production Tax Credit Act (“Reap the Wind”)
* Act VIII: The 20 Million Solar Roofs Act (“Harness the Sun”)
* Act IX: The Renewable Portfolio Standards Act (“Fair Everywhere”)
* Act X: The Federal Net Metering Act (“Get on the Grid”
* Act XI: The State-Based Renewable Energy Demonstration Act (“Green States”)
* Act XVIII: Home Efficiency Act (“C the Light”)
* Act XIX:Demand Side Management Act (“Real Time Energy Pricing”)

This is NOT a small agenda … and there are other items on the table.

If you have experience writing legislation — or wish to try your hand at it — we would welcome your assistance.

And, as we develop these items, we will put them out in diaries for discussion and reaction. We expect those reactions to come.

Ill be taking a good long look at this, and I hope that others who are more qualified than me will be doing the same.





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