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Dogwood Alliance: The Packaging Revolution!

Last week, Dogwood Alliance kicked off its packaging campaign, which will target companies that use paper-packaging products sourced from endangered Southern forests. These forests, some of the most biodiverse in the world, are being harvested to make easily discarded packaging for many common products. Think about it: does the box that your Dove soap comes in really need to be made of virgin material?
Dogwood is going to put an end to these egregious paper practices and here’s how: We’ve re-vamped our website, so its sleeker, sexier and more user-friendly than ever. We are getting packaging pledges signed left and right to show companies that the people demand change. And best of all, we’re giving you a chance and a way to tell these companies how you feel about living in an over-packaged society. Click here to sign the packaging pledge and share your input on the problem. Visit our blog to read more about our exciting new endeavor!





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