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Organic design saving the planet one table at a time

[North Carolina] Ensuring that organic design isn’t all we have left to remember Mother Earth by, some manufacturers at the recent International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C., have committed to saving the planet one table at a time. Gerry Cooklin, founder and CEO of South Cone Furniture Co., is one who is taking the initiative. His love of the outdoors turned him from naturalist to activist. “Over 50 percent of all the wood we buy for our factories in Peru and Argentina is FSC-certified, but only about 20 percent of our pieces of furniture meet the minimum content requirement,” said a company spokesperson. That second statistic reflects the limited number of sources of FSC-certified wood, he said. As the demand for FSC-certified wood grows, so will the FSC, which is one of Cooklin’s goals.

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