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Gifts That Support Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Woods Network: A link to products from well-managed woodlands
Groups of private woodland owners across the country are working to coordinate sales of timber harvests, logs or of manufactured wood products. Some also have character wood or non-wood items that come from their sustainably managed woodlands. If you see something of interest in the Forest Products listings, simply follow the link to the seller and contact them directly. We are steadily expanding the Network with listings from additional landowner groups, making it easier for you to support sustainable forestry through your purchases.

Vermont WoodNet
Vermont WoodNet is a coalition of over 140 woodworkers from all over the state of Vermont . We range from small, one-person shops to larger, multi-employee businesses, all of whom are ready and willing to work with you to help you create whatever you are looking for in hand crafted, high quality, Vermont-made wooden furniture and more. We offer everything that can be made from wood, including furniture, flooring, siding, buildings, kitchens, toys, custom cut lumber and more. We also offer FSC certified products of every type.

Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership
Throughout the Northwest, local businesses turn wood originating from FSC certified, reclaimed, and forest restoration projects into quality products. Those demonstrating a commitment to the environment and to their communities qualify to be members of the Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Partnership. When creating a home for your family, consider choosing HFHC and join us in promoting forest conservation and small town vitality.

Support Sustainable Forestry in the South!
Want to help us develop more services and resources for landowners, a thriving market for sustainable forest products, and a wider network of folks like yourself? We don’t charge for services like this handy newsletter, and our grant funding is very limited. Please consider a year-end or gift donation to WildLaw in support of the Southern Forests Network.

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