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iLoveMountains and Appalachian Voices on the Dianne Rehm Show

Yesterday on the Dianne Rehm show, a nationally syndicated call-in show on National Public Radio, Dianne Rehm was interviewing bestselling author Adriana Trigliani, who grew up in southwest Virginia and has a series of novels about the town of Big Stone Gap. The topic of mountaintop removal came up, and Ms. Trigliani said she had seen it and was very much opposed to it, and had included it as part of the plot in her latest Big Stone Gap novel.

Larry Shalda, who had seen our Appalachian Treasures presentation in Michigan, called in to the show and told the thousands of listeners across the nation about the Clean Water Protection Act, Appalachian Voices, and! Dianne Rehm said she would post a link to iLoveMountains on the Dianne Rehm Show website, and it’s posted there now. Check it out!

We received lots of calls and emails to our office right after the show. Thank you, Larry! It is volunteers and supporters like you all over the country who will end mountaintop removal.




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