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Court Finds Climate Change Relevant to Coal Mine Approval

Court finds climate change relevant to coal mine approval

A Newcastle environmentalist says a court ruling today means the New South Wales Government must take climate change into account when considering
whether to approve new coal mines.

Peter Gray went to the New South Wales Land and Environment Court to challenge the environmental assessment for the proposed Anvill Hill coal mine in the Hunter Valley.

He argued the assessment was inadequate, because it did not take into account the impact that burning the coal would have on climate change.

The court voided the Government’s decision that the environmental assessment was adequate.

Mr Gray is claiming victory, but says the ruling will not stop the mine from going ahead.

“It’s certainly a setback for the process, I think it means a fresh look has to be taken at the mine,” he said.

“The Government needs to consider the impacts that it will have on climate change so I do think it’s a strong strike against Centennial Coal.’

Article courtesy of Vivian Stockman of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition




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